Web Dezine Prices
Web Dezine/Creation Prices are subject to change

Your Web Site should be as unique as you.
I do not offer pre-priced "packages"
that limit you to a fixed number of pages, graphics, etc.


In order for you to get an approximate idea of what your web
site will cost, first approximate how many pages
you estimate
your web to be subdivided up into and see below for the price
per page, then ADD the extras (ie., photos, custom background
and/or borders, custom lettering, custom graphics/kennel logos, etc.)

*Note:  Page sizes are approx. 8-1/2" x 14"

I also base my fee on an hourly rate of $50.00/hour.


Base Cost Per Page: $49.95 (No Frames)
Base Cost Per Page $59.95 (Frames)
Pedigree Pages: $20.00/page
for Three Generations.
Add $8.00 for Fourth Generation.
Cost Per Photo: $5.00
Convert document/image to .pdf format $5.00 per
Custom Header/Lettering: $25.00 (minimum)
Custom Button Set: $65.00 (minimum)
Custom Background: $35.00 (minimum
Custom Favorites Icon
Instead of seeing the normal
Internet Explorer Icon associated with your site - you and your friends, colleagues, customers will see your custom icon.

Only applicable with Internet Explorer. Netscape will see nothing.
Java Applets: $50.00 (minimum)
Java Scripts: $50.00 (minimum)
Java Script
$85.00 (minimum)
Custom Mouse-Trailer $40.00 (minimum)
Image Slicing: $25.00
Custom Animation: $75.00 (minimum)
Flash Animation:
Flash Example
$200.00 (minimum) Cost of Flash depending upon number of seconds of presentation
Custom Graphics/Logos: $75.00 (minimum)
Embed Midi Files: $5.00 per page
Upload files to web server: $25.00 (Courtesy upload if Front Page Extensions installed)
URL Search Engine Submission: $60.00/Year
URL Search Engine Submission (by hand) to Alta Vista, Hot Bot, etc. $5.00 per Submission
Client Requested Revisions After Site Is Completed: $50.00 PER HOUR
(billed in 15 min. increments)

Please note that the rates set forth above are flexible and the final
costs associated in creating your site, including but not limited to,
pages and page content, custom graphics, custom backgrounds,
custom buttons, custom java script, custom java script (interfacers)
mouse roll-overs, etc., will primarily depend upon the content,
(either the simplicity or complexity and/or sophistication) of what
you wish to be designed and created for use on your web site.

Your web site will be created for both Browser Platforms:
(Internet Explorer first priority, and Netscape second)

Explanations as to terms and techniques set forth above:

Java Script

Gorgeous EXAMPLES:

1)  OZsome Borzoi and
  2)  Reggae Hounds


FLASH Animation: Example
Image Slicing  

(enjoy those large graphics on your web page - I can slice them for you so that download time is quicker)